Babies Don’t Keep

This is the perfect poem for any new mother. Thanks to my dear friend Cat who posted this on Facebook today when I struggled with an unsettled Micah whilst stressing about the neverending list of chores. I was feeling so frustrated at Micah for being unsettled because I had to just hold him, entertain him, rock him and just focus my entire attention on him all morning and couldn’t get all the stuff I wanted to get done, done.

Then this poem helped me get my priorities straight. Chores can wait, but my baby will not remain a baby for long. Before we know it, he will be all grown up and it will happen too quickly. I shouldn’t worry about anything else other than enjoying him and spending time with him. Many years from now, I’m sure I won’t care about the memories of having a clean house. But I will definitely hang on to the memories of his cute little smile, and his giggles, and his little quirks and even his cries… his cooing sounds that he’s currently so good at, and the way he looks at me with so much adoration just wanting my love and affection. THAT is what matters.

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