Emerald Village Bakery and Cafe

Delicious bruschetta from Emerald Village Bakery and Cafe
To those of you who may not be aware, Emerald is a beautiful little town located in the scenic Dandenong Ranges in Victoria between Belgrave and Cockatoo. It is also the home of the popular Puffing Billy railway station, Australia’s favorite steam train, therefore attracts quite a number of visitors. This weekend, hubby and I have just returned from a church camp at Wombat Corner, Emerald just 100m away from Emerald Lake Park and minutes drive from Emerald Village.

(Click here to read all about our weekend away at camp on Kimba’s Pride)

During the camp, we had a couple of hours free time on Saturday afternoon so we decided to check out the famous Emerald Village Bakery and Cafe. It is supposedly famous because A LOT of people go there, it has a huge variety of sweet and savoury food from pies to bruschettas to slices to cakes and a decent place to have a decent coffee.
Strategically located in the town centre and within walking distance from the Puffing Billy railway station, the bakery was rather busy when we arrived. They were not as many tables as we would expect, but enough for our group to settle comfortably at the back. It definitely had a big selection of food to choose from, and the cooked breakfast menu looked amazing, but of course we weren’t there for breakfast so I can’t comment further hehe.
I also had to take a “sneaky photo” when no one was really watching and for some reason, I must’ve taken this photo when it became rather quiet! Because a few minutes later people started walking in again and the place got busy again. There is a whole front section with MORE food on display and the sweets section had beautiful cakes, etc but I didn’t manage to take a photo. Oops!
I ordered a Steak and Potato Shepherd’s Pie for hubby and the top picture of the Bruschetta. The bruschetta was absolutely amazing! The pie had way too much potato so hubby ended up only eating half of it and giving it back to me, so I de-constructed the pie and only ate the meat filling, hehe. Why waste stomach space on heavy potatoes!
My friend Leah ordered this Cream Jam Donut thing but I just called it the “Cream Dog” because it looked like a Hot Dog only with a cream filling. Doesn’t it look sinfully delicious?!
They were also cute little tarts for those who are watching their weight but wanting a little afternoon treat to go with their coffee. This tart was soooo little and so cute! Gone in a single mouthful…
Even though I didn’t get to taste a wide selection of food, from what I can see this bakery deserves its popular status. I can easily come here every weekend for Sunday brunch if I lived closer. The variety of different things to try meant that there will be something new to eat every week here. The next time I come past Emerald I will be sure to come back and maybe try some of the beautiful sweet cakes on display.. again, sorry I didn’t take photos of the beautiful sweet cakes!!

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