Week 15: A series of funny photos & a movie

Micah and I went to our first Mums and Bubs Movie Session today with a few other mums from Mums Group. We saw “21 Jump Street” which was very funny but I had to “cover Micah’s ears” a few times because of all the swearing throughout the movie. Thankfully, Micah did not stay awake for very long. I started feeding him at the start of the movie and then put him back in his pram and minutes later he fell asleep. When the movie finished, he was STILL asleep! I don’t know how he slept through all that noise, the movie was VERY noisy but I’m just glad he wasn’t awake to actually “watch” that movie. Glad that went well! It was a fun day 🙂
All the babies at the cinema before the movie started.. in case you can’t tell, Micah is the one waving lol.
Sleeping peacefully during the movie…
At Mums Group this week we talked about Starting Solids, but mostly we let our babies play with each other and took lots of photos! Here are some funny photos of Cooper and Micah:
Cooper: Haha, I got your hair!
Micah: Oh yeah? I got your shirt!
Cooper: Look I can roll over!      Micah: Look I can push you away!
Cooper: Excuse me, that’s MY arm you’re trying to eat..    Micah: Sorry I was aiming for mine, where did it go?!
Cooper: Can you let go of my shirt now please?
Cooper: (getting upset) Mummy! Micah won’t let go of my shirt!   Micah: Ooopppsss… busted…..
Mums: Boys, play nice!      Boys: Let’s just both act innocent and cry together now.. waaaaaa….

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