Week 16: A Picnic & Rolling Over

Beautiful cupcake made by one of the mums (mums in the blurry background during our picnic!)
It’s only Wednesday and already this week has been a roller coaster ride! Micah and I had a fairly big day on Monday. I went and took a blood test just to check my Iron and Vitamin D levels. Then we went and did our BIG weekly grocery shop, bigger than usual because I was hosting a casual dinner party on Monday night. I prepared a 3-course dinner but really I cheated – Entree was Pumpkin Soup from a can, Mains were Roast Lamb already premarinated plus roast potatoes, pumpkin, onions, sweet potatoes, mushroom and thyme plus steamed veggies, and Dessert was a bought cheesecake. I’m a busy mum I don’t have time to cook yummy food from scratch! Yes, it was yummy 🙂
By the time our dinner guest left, which was after midnight, I was absolutely knackered. I woke up the next day feeling run down, extremely tired and groggy. Remember I have broken sleep because of feeding a baby in the middle of the night… so unfortunately I had to skip Mums Group on Tuesday and just stay at home. Tuesday wasn’t a good day. Micah has decided to change his 2-hourly day sleep habits to 40 minute cat napping. This so didn’t help on the day I felt so tired.. he cried hysterically after 40 minutes of sleep and I was unable to resettle him. By the time he had his second nap and cried on and off for 20 minutes whilst I’m trying to resettle him, I pretty much cried. Thankfully my dear friend Leah decided to come over and she helped ease the pressure of looking after him on my own.  Usually, Micah sleeps a total of 5 hours during the day… on this day, he slept less than 3 hours…… take note of this for a later part of this story!
We then went to our usual Tuesday night Alpha Course and Micah had a little nap but was awake most of the time. By the time we got home, gave him a bath, a feed and put him to bed it was 10.45pm and he was so tired he went to sleep straight away. I was sure he would sleep through the night, after all it was so late! He would usually sleep 6 hours (his longest record was 8 hours!) before waking up for a feed at night anyway… but nooooo, he woke up at 3.30am, then 6.30am and we finally got out of bed at 8.40am this morning. So so frustrating but at least I got more sleep last night than the night before because I went to bed as soon as Micah was asleep! So basically, the fact that he didn’t sleep well during the day meant that he also struggled to sleep well that night.
Micah now very aware of what he sees and touches… ooo dummy!!
Thankfully, it seems yesterday could’ve been a once off.. fingers crossed. He went to bed again at 10.15am this morning and didn’t get up until 12.30pm! So we were running late to our Mums Group Get Together Picnic at Wilsons Botanical Gardens. It was great to see everyone especially since I’ve missed our last official Mums Group meeting yesterday. From now on, it is basically catching up and meeting up whenever and wherever we decide on our own. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect for a picnic. Micah was well rested and reasonably well behaved, and now that we’re home I’m writing this blog post because he is fast asleep in his cot 🙂
Micah also started rolling over earlier on this week! We are SO proud of him, especially since he’s not even 4 months old yet. We caught this proud moment on video, and since then he also showed off his new skill at Alpha last night and everyone clapped, lol!
Also VERY excited that my youngest sister is coming down to Melbourne with my parents in June. It was originally going to be just my parents, but turns out she’ll be on uni holidays just before she jets off to the U.S. to study so I’m so happy she will get to meet Micah while he’s still a baby! After all, who knows when she will get to see Micah next once she’s in the U.S. – she could be studying overseas for YEARS and being so far away she may not go back to Malaysia very often let alone visit her sister and nephew in Australia! So I can’t wait for June.. would be good also to just hand Micah over to my parents in the morning and go back to sleep….. hehe!! :p

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