Week 17: New Play Area, Sleeping & Solids

We’ve finally cleared out some old furniture in our family room to make room for Micah’s new play area. I bought the alphabet mat from eBay for just $15 (and I am hoping to buy more so we can cover more floor space!) and our friends have kindly given us their old couch which is still quite sturdy and just the right size to go in this new area. Now Micah will be able to roll around as much as he wants once I get more alphabet mats there will be even more room to play!

Little man looks happy: “Thank you mummy and daddy!”

The best thing about this new play area is that we (adults) get our formal lounge room back! No more toys and colourful things hanging around. I get to keep that area tidy at all times in case visitors pop in unannounced – and won’t have to stress or worry about the house being a mess.

Speaking of stress, Micah has been quite a bad night sleeper lately. The past couple of nights have been pretty rough. He usually sleeps 6 hours and then 4 hours so I only had to get up once or max twice during the night. This past week, he’s been getting up every 2-3 hours and as it gets closer to sunrise he would wake up every HOUR! So frustrating… I know this is just a phase and “this too shall pass” but it is hard to function when you’ve not had enough sleep.

Because of recent sleep problems, I’ve also been feeling pressure by people to consider starting solids. Micah is only 4 months old, and yes he seems hungry all the time and wants more food (so I just have to feed him more and put up with it, that’s fine). I really want to breastfeed exclusively for 6 months and wait until he’s 6 months to start feeding him solids. I also want him to start solids the “Baby Led Weaning” way which I thought seems like a really cool method to start.

Every baby is different and I know so many people tell me their babies start eating solids and supplementary foods from a very early age and I respect every other mother’s decision. But I personally would rather wait. Here are some articles for all the reasons why I choose to wait:

  1. 6 Reasons to Delay Introducing Solid Food
  2. Babies Who Start Solids Too Early More Likely To Be Obese
  3. Starting Solids: When Is My Baby Ready

To all mothers out there who might not agree with my decision, I don’t mean to offend you if you think differently or do things differently. After all, we are all different and our babies are different so we are all entitled to do whatever we feel is best for our children 🙂

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