Baby’s First Easter

Micah trying to eat an Easter Bunny chocolate
What a great Easter long weekend we’ve just had. It was a mix of just enough relaxing, just enough socializing, just enough family time, and just enough cleaning and tidying. It started on Friday, although we had another rough night with Micah not sleeping exceptionally well, we still made it to church for Good Friday service. I was quite grumpy and a bit sensitive and easily triggered to cry over everything, but I was fine in the end. Of course, we then set up the new play area the rest of Friday, and had some friends over for Fish N Chips and to watch a movie.
Micah staring at the Easter Bunny
On Saturday, I went to Baby Bunting with my little man and spent over an hour just looking at things (Micah got bored and fell asleep in his pram) so I took my time! I was there picking up gifts for my friend who’s having a baby shower the following weekend. I also picked up a few gifts for Micah! Bought a cup holder attachment for the pram, a new set of pyjama onesie, some baby wipes and another set of ABC playmat to extend the existing one. Unfortunately, the new set does not fit with the old, so I had to take it back. I bought an activity rug instead for the mean time. Will order the exact same ABC playmat from eBay and patiently wait for it to arrive! 
I even got a chance to quickly do grocery shopping while I left Micah to be babysat by hubby and his mate Tony who stayed over at our place Friday night. Hubby even got the chance to go out and buy a new whipper snipper and he’s loving it. Spent over $500 on it including all the add-ons but apparently money well spent because it makes cutting grass a lot more enjoyable! Hey, I can’t complain if my husband now enjoys cutting grass… :p
Then, we went to the 6pm Family Easter service at our church followed by dinner at a restaurant with my sister in law’s family and another couple friends. It was good to at least not have to worry about cooking dinner two nights in a row, but Mr Micah was soooo grumpy at the restaurant!
Dribble dribble dribble…
 Then on Sunday, we drove to Werribee for our Family Easter Day. We packed Micah’s portacot and everything so we can put him to sleep while we enjoy spending time with family and eating lunch, etc. We had our Easter egg hunts, and played some games, and even went for a walk and stayed for dinner. It was a good day and we got home early enough to put Micah to bed at a decent hour.
Micah with his Nana and Grandad
Today, the weather was cold and wet. It rained most of the day so hubby could not get any decking work done. Thankfully, I managed to get him to help me tidy up our wardrobe. It was in such a huge mess we couldn’t see ANY floor in our walk in wardrobe because it was covered with clothes, nappy boxes, laundry basket, toilet paper rolls and so much junk! It was in such a bad state all our clean clothes freshly washed were still sitting on our pool table.
So I got out some rubbish bags and started labelling them “Maternity”, “Summer” and “Salvos”. By the end of this exercise, we have one big bag of maternity clothes ready to be stored away, one bag of Summer clothes going into hiding, and 3 bags of Salvos going to be donated.. clothes which we will never ever wear again. Felt good to get rid of things we no longer need. Felt good to have our walk in wardrobe tidy and functional again. Felt good to finally move all those clothes sitting on our pool table to where they belong! We also organised all our chest of drawers so we finally have all our socks, underwear, T-shirts and shorts neatly folded into drawers where they belong! Aaaaahhhh.. so very satisfying. Took ALL DAY but it was SO worth it!
Finished the day with Nasi Lemak for dinner. And now this blog post. Now I’m off to watch some TV and cuddle with my husband. Hope you had a great Easter!

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