Week 18: Play Area Extended & Some Photos

As a continuation from Week 17’s post, I went and purchased the brand new ABC playmat set from eBay after seeing how good it looked and how well it works e.g. it was easy to clean and I was happy with the thickness of the playmat to cushion the hard tiled floors. The playmat finally arrived today and I got to extend Micah’s play area! He has so much room to play now! Too bad he doesn’t know how to use the space yet but he will get there and he will love it! 
Not much to write about this week really. Micah’s sleeping better this week. I went out to lunch with Mums Group today. I’m going to Leah’s baby shower this weekend so Micah will get to spend some time with his dad while I’m at the shower. I really need to get back to my diet (been eating too much junk the past week and gained 3kg! I blame Easter…) and need to get back to walking again. And I took some new photos of Micah which turned out really good.

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