Week 20: Winter Is Nearly Here

Micah dressed in cute warm clothes!
This week, the weather has been pretty cold! I’ve had to put socks on while I’m in the house, and the gas heater was on for the very first time this year yesterday. It was cold and wet and miserable yesterday, that we had to postpone Mums Group at my place because we didn’t want to get babies wet and risk getting a cold. So, we agreed it was a day to stay in and keep warm.
We also had a couple of hail storms in the past week alone, it looked like it was snowing! I’m so glad I don’t have to go to work… I would imagine going to work would be a struggle in weather such as this! I even found it a struggle to go out and do grocery shopping, so good old Coles Online saved the day. I feel sorry for the Coles Delivery Man though! The show must go on and even in that horrid weather he soldiered on in his rain jacket and hoodie and delivered my groceries straight to my front door.
I hope the weather improves the next few days, as we have a couple of things scheduled. Today is ANZAC Day Public Holiday so hubby is home. We are off to see The Avengers movie at 3.30pm so we’ve organised a babysitter to drop Micah off at. Really look forward to 2 solid hours of being baby free 🙂 I’m going to lunch at a friend’s tomorrow who has a 7-week old baby (my sister in law is going too with her 3yo and 1yo). Then on Friday, I have two friends coming over for lunch and they each have a baby. Micah loves baby company and playdates!
Then on Saturday we have a Baby Shower at lunchtime followed by dinner and karaoke in the evening. Micah’s coming with us all day Saturday so I hope he’ll be okay! It’s hard to get him to sleep properly when he’s not at home and if he doesn’t sleep he gets all grumpy so fingers crossed he’ll be able to get some good sleeps in his pram while we’re out and about.
And finally, just a couple of videos I took this week whilst entertaining myself at home with Micah:

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