Week 22: 5 Months

My little man turned exactly 5 months just two days ago. Oh how time flies! He is growing beautifully and we are so proud of what he can already do. As you all know he started commando crawling at about 19 weeks. Last night, he held himself up at a proper crawling position (on his knees, stomach lifted and arms supporting his weight) for about 3 seconds. I reckon he would crawl properly really soon! He is also standing a lot more now, we can tell his legs are very strong. He is still quite wobbly when it comes to sitting up, but he can sit up by himself for a few seconds hunched really low as if he was trying to eat his foot. Hmm, as a matter of fact, he has been eating his foot a few times now… haha.
I’ve also started dressing him in “big boy’s clothes” now. I’ve held it off for the longest time because he looks so cute in onesies. There is also something about onesies that makes him a BABY. I guess he is no longer a baby. Being an active toddler that he is, I guess he should be wearing cool and spunky big boy’s clothing now. Even his pyjamas are no longer onesies. He loves a warm, fleecy top and those fleecy pants that also covers the foot so no need for socks. Such a big boy!
He is STILL not sleeping through the night. Whatever the reasons may be – whether it’s because he hasn’t started solids, or because he is developing all these new motor skills, or simply because he may be experiencing some kind of discomfort e.g. teething, wind, too hot, too cold, etc… I know the time will come when he is developmentally ready. Only 3 more weeks and we can start introducing solid foods to him. Baby Led Weaning allows him to be able to feed himself – pick up food and put it in his own mouth, and be an independant eater without depending on mum or dad to spoon feed him mushy food. That is just my choice when it comes to introducing solids to Micah. I just want to be able to take him anywhere, pop him on a high chair, and share my meal with him without worrying about packing his “special foods” whenever we go out.
Okay I am off to take a nap. We just got home from Chadstone to catch up with a friend and to shop for a nephew’s birthday present. I haven’t even cooked dinner yet.. usually I would’ve prepared dinner by now, maybe we can have that Thai takeaway I’ve been craving all week?

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