My First Mothers Day

My first Mothers Day Brunch.. also the first time Micah sat at the table with us on his high chair!
Oh what a joy today is, and it’s only 11am! Hubby and I cooked breakfast together and Micah sat at the table with us sitting on his high chair for the very first time. He will start finger food solids in a couple of weeks so it’s time to get him involved and used to sitting at the table with us. It went really well this morning! He seems to be sitting comfortably despite being still not quite there yet when it comes to sitting up on his own. The chair and the pillow helps.
My first Mothers Day cooked breakfast
Breakfast / brunch was delicious and I’m so full right now probably won’t need lunch! I’m just enjoying a cup of tea now and watching TV (while blogging) with hubby while Micah has his morning sleep. Haven’t had a shower yet though, hehe – and Micah is a little bit tired this morning because he was up since 5.30am so we thought we’d stay home and not go to church so he can have his sleep.
Cheeky Micah at sleeptime 🙂

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