The Decking Project (Part 5)

It has been a while since I’ve done one of these updates… the decking is pretty much done, just needs the extra screws to be put in to secure it firmly. We bought a BBQ / Outdoor Kitchen and it’s finally been moved onto the deck today!!
We’re really happy with it especially how it looks and perfectly fits in that corner of the decking. It comes with a 6-burner as well as a wok burner thing on the side, a sink, plenty of storage space underneath, and lots of preparation and bench space. It is stainless steel with a cast iron grill plate.
Look forward to having some good weather hopefully soon so we can test it out and cook something up! It’s finally coming along quite nicely.. pity we’re heading towards winter so there won’t be too many beautiful days for us to enjoy our outdoor area.
We’ve also bought our outdoor furniture but it’s currently sitting in the garage as I need to stain them with a couple of coats of oil to protect the wood. We bought two sets so we can hopefully join the tables together and make one big table for when the whole family comes over (we have a big family!) or when we have a party (Micah’s Baptism in July will be followed by a Spit Roast Lunch at our place so that will possibly be the first time we use our deck to entertain! Fingers crossed it doesn’t rain…)
If it does rain we have actually bought 2 x 3.3m cantilever umbrella which should provide sufficient shelter provided it’s just light rain and not a thunderstorm!

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