Our First BBQ

A lot of people don’t realise (but then again, a lot actually do) just how far we’ve come with this decking project. We have planned to build this decking ever since we moved into our house 4 years ago. It took us 4 long years, but the day has finally come when we could have a few people over and sit outside for a BBQ lunch. Finally!!
It was actually quite a spontaneous lunch. I woke up this morning feeling absolutely terrible. My nose has been blocked all night and my throat was very sore so I didn’t really get a good sleep. I was convinced I would spend the whole day today just being miserable and sick. Surprisingly, after getting up with Micah and putting him to bed at 8.30am, and then we all snoozed for another 2 hours… I woke up feeling pretty decent! So we texted a few friends and invited them over for a BBQ lunch. We thawed out some sausages from the freezer and quickly popped into the shops to pick up some bread and salads – and we were all set!
It was a nice and relaxing afternoon. We only brought out one of the outdoor furniture sets as we only needed one for 6 people. Most importantly, it was good to know our BBQ which we bought from eBay actually worked! Haha.
Now off for an afternoon nap…

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