Week 24: I Love Banana

I LOVE BANANA it’s finger lickin’ good!
Hi everybody!
It’s Micah here. Mummy is feeling a little bit sick so I thought I’d blog on her behalf. I’m taking a nap right now. My nose is very runny and I have yucky snot coming out of it all the time and I don’t know why, but good ol’ mum always wipes the snot away and make me feel all better. I’m also very sleepy and tired these days and I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because of what mummy keeps saying I am… sick. Last night I went to bed at 6.30pm and didn’t get up until 11.30pm for a feed! Mummy was very proud of me, she even had 14 people in our lounge room last night for Bible Study and they were apparently noisy but meh… I just slept through it all. I think I’m a good boy because of that, hehe. After mum gave me a feed, I slept from 12am all the way until 5am.. and then she decided to feed me again and I couldn’t help but fall right back to sleep and officially woke up at 7am. I think mum and dad were quite pleased with that.
Mummy’s been giving me “special toys” once a day. She sits me on a chair and we eat at the table together. These special toys are unlike my other toys. When I put them in my mouth they taste yummy!! Some of them are squishy and I make such a big mess, but they are so yummy! I particularly love this squishy yellow thing my mum keeps calling the “banana”. I LOVE BANANA!
Whenever mum gives me a milk feed she likes to sit me on the bouncer for at least 15 minutes. I guess that is to let the milk settle in my tummy before I go play, otherwise I would just sick it all up and she thinks it’s a waste. While I wait for my playtime, she lets me have my teething blankie. I LOVE MY TEETHING BLANKIE!
I’m also starting to notice that I can push myself up really high if I use my knees and lift my tummy off the ground! Mum gets really excited whenever I do this, I think she’s expecting me to move around in this position but I haven’t quite figured it out yet. I think it’s called “crawling”.. but at the moment I just lift myself up into the crawling position and take one step with my knee and then I lose my balance and I go back on tummy again. Oh well, I will get there eventually! At the rate I’m going though, I think I will be able to crawl by next week. Yeah!
I guess I should go back to my nap now… goodnight everybody!! Love, Micah.

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