Week 25: Busy Week!

Happy, well rested mum = happy bub!

OK so maybe this blog post is more about me than it is about Micah… but I am SO excited for this week!! I am sure I will be absolutely exhausted by the end of it, but this week makes me feel like a normal human again. Micah is finally settling into a good sleep routine which means more sleep for me, which means more energy for me to do things as well as a happier attitude towards everything. Sleep changes everything!! I’m just going to try and summarise…

Monday: Micah and I went to the Post Office first thing in the morning. We sold hubby’s keyboard on eBay (kaching!) so I had to go and post it to the buyer in Queensland! Then we went to the Party Shop at Enterprise Avenue and got hubby a masquerade mask for the party this weekend. Later in the afternoon Micah had his 6-month Immunisation. He was a brave little boy 🙂

Tuesday: Our Mums Group meet every Tuesday at a play centre in Hallam. It’s a great place for kids and makes great coffee for mums. Later that night we had Growth Group at our place.

Wednesday: Went and saw Men In Black 3 in the morning – Mums and Bubs movie sessions are awesome! Only $10 ticket including New Release movies. I think I will make this a regular thing for as long as Micah is able to tolerate it. He was so well behaved throughout most of the movie, even had a short nap towards the end! Later tonight, my sister in law will babysit so hubby and I can go out and have dinner at a restaurant with some friends. Yayy me socialize!

Thursday: Day off – but gotta go to music practice at night. I’m on music at church this Sunday!

Friday: Day out in the city – Good Food and Wine Show!!

Saturday: Hopefully have time to finish staining the outdoor furniture. Friend’s 30th Birthday Party at night – masquerade ball! Another sister in law babysitting – booked her many weeks in advance! I’m going to be dressed in a ball gown with a mask and everything.. big night. A proper social night for me, very rare these days! Might give Micah formula just for that one night feed so I can have a few cocktails at the party…

Sunday: Hopefully I won’t be too tired from all the partying on Saturday night, will need to be at church by 10am to warm up my voice and sing lead at church! Oh boy.

Oh and I cannot believe it will be JUNE this weekend! Time really flies and my parents and sister will be here very soon! Visiting Melbourne from Malaysia.. so exciting!!

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