Y is for Yay Yummy Yoplait Yoghurt!

Product Talk by Nuffnang

Micah had his first taste of yoghurt today and he loved it! He didn’t have much at lunch time, but when daddy came home from work and had some yoghurt as a snack before dinnertime Micah had more than what he had at lunch time! Obviously he is loving the flavours but most importantly, he loved sharing a small tub of yoghurt with his dad. Aawww… 🙂
When it comes to yoghurt, Yoplait is my choice. Yoplait yoghurt has recently changed and has been reformulated! “So what’s new” you ask? Good question, here are some of the changes:
  • Yoplait has been re-formulated meaning every tub has a new taste with flavours containing real fruit (the Vanilla even contains real vanilla bean! It is very yummmyyyy…)
  • Yoplait packaging has a new look with the 1Kg tubs being clear so you can see all the real fruit and flavour goodness inside every tub of Yoplait
  • The new Yoplait range is 98% fat free
  • Yoplait Yoghurt doesn’t contain any artificial colours or flavours
  • Every tub is rich in calcium for strong bones (making it an ideal snack for growing bodies!)
  • Yoplait Yoghurt also contains a probiotic culture to help maintain digestive well being
  • Look under the lid of all 175g tubs for little facts. All the more reason to get lid licking!
  • Yoplait have introduced new flavours that are sure to make your tastebuds tingle! Alongside old favourites like Strawberry, Mango and classic Vanilla, there are new varieties Raspberry, Peach, Blackberry, Apple & Cinnamon and Citrus. My favorite is the new Apple & Cinnamon… absolutely delicious!! Would go really well with warm Apple Cinnamon fritters I reckon.
I’ve recently stocked up on yoghurt, there is so much you can do with them! My favorite is to make a fresh fruit salad and have it with Vanilla yoghurt. The little 6 Pack Mixed Flavours tubs make a great healthy snack at any time of the day. Take a few of the little tubs to work so you can indulge in a pick-me-up whenever you need one! Delicious yoghurt also makes a great much healthier alternative to ice cream for dessert. 
Fresh fruit salad with Vanilla Yoghurt for breakfast, anyone?
Micah rolling around the picnic rug with a small tub of yoghurt
Oh wait.. “Mummm I think we have company!”
Even rabbits love yoghurt
“Heyyy that’s MY yoghurt thank you very much!!”

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