Week 26: New Toy for Micah & New Toy for Me!

Micah got a new toy from his Aunty Hannah yesterday and he is absolutely loving it! It’s like a jolly jumper thing which makes him bounce around. He loves standing up anyway so being able to stand up AND play with things around him is like the best thing for a kid his age!
We had a great day out today. Another Mums and Bubs movie session this morning, saw “What To Expect When You’re Expecting”. It was good, a typical chick flick but I still prefer going to the movies to watch action or sci-fi movies. Chick flicks are meant to be hired on DVD and watched at home… but I suppose it was more an excuse to go out and socialise with other mums from my Mums Group and an excuse to get coffee, as well as an excuse to go shopping.
Speaking of shopping, went to Big W after the movie to pick up a few things – nappies, comfy pants for home use this cold winter, bathroom mats, a garlic crusher (always wanted one for my kitchen!), a travel mug (always wanted one so I can make coffee at home to go!) and a portable clothes rail.
TOTALLY random, I know! But the portable clothes rail (only $14 from Big W) made my day! I love it already. You see, I always have a massive pile of laundry just sitting on the ironing board because whenever I do chores, Micah is asleep, and Micah sleeps in our room, therefore I cannot go in the wardrobe to put our clothes away. So TADA! Now I can neatly hang all our clothes, put them on the portable clothes rail and when Micah wakes up I can quickly just wheel them to the wardrobe and transfer them very quickly! Aaahhh.. simple pleasures in life, lol!!
Only 3 more weeks until my parents and youngest sis arrive in Melbourne and meet Micah for the very first time! So exciting, yet there is so much to do around the house before they get here. Oh well, 3 weeks is plenty of time is it not?
Oh and by the way, Micah has 3 cute little sharp TEETH!!!
 All three are at the bottom middle. GO my little boy!!

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