Week 27 (Pt 2): 6-Month Review & Playpen

 Micah had his 6-Months Review today and even though we thought surely he would be 10kg by now, he’s not quite there yet. Which is good! He is still in the 97th percentile for both his height and weight, so he is still a big baby for his age but we are so proud of it. He is a thriving, healthy baby and so strong and so confident and so clever, we just couldn’t ask for more 🙂
Ever since Micah started commando crawling at 19 Weeks, we haven’t been able to let him play on his playmat unsupervised. Even going to the toilet makes me nervous! He is SO quick to just move onto the tiled area and if he rolls back, he hits his head really hard and would start screaming! Now that he is a little bit older and has gotten stronger and able to do “push ups”, Micah is close to being able to properly crawl and therefore gets up to more mischief! He would crawl to the edge of his playmat and pulls out the edges and starts eating them (and because he has got teeth he could bite out a chunk and potentially choke!). He would crawl beyond his area towards other objects he shouldn’t be touching let alone put in his mouth. The kitchen bin is not far away, he could easily tip it over if I’m not watching! It just becomes too hard to fully supervise this active baby!
That is why I had no choice but to get him a playpen. I have nothing against playpens but the idea of trapping my child in an enclosed area like a zoo animal kinda bothers me just a little bit. BUT the benefit definitely outweighs whatever image in my mind that don’t seem right. It is most important to keep Micah safe, and this playpen will keep him safe. This playpen will keep him out of mischief. This playpen means that I can go to the toilet in peace, wash the dishes and cook in the kitchen in peace whilst still being able to keep an eye on him and talk to him (imagine chopping up onions and seeing your baby heading towards danger and then having to go pick him up with your onion hands to “adjust” his position!) and even if he starts crying or getting upset I know I have the time (if I’m cooking) to wash my hands before I go and comfort him, because I know he is not in any immediate danger. So there you go. Playpen. Win.

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