Week 29: Centre of Attention

One of my favorite photos of Micah and my sister Ruby
I’ll just do a quick blog post because we’ve had a longggg day and I am SO exhausted and I cannot wait to go to bed. My parents and my youngest sister Ruby of course are finally here!! Micah is loving all the extra attention he has been getting. I am loving all the extra help I have been getting. We have a busy week ahead as Micah’s baptism is coming up quickly this Sunday. So much needs to be done and everyone has done a great job so far. Hubby and my dad have been working hard on our backyard and it is finally at a decent state for entertaining guests outdoors. I just hope the weather will be alright this Sunday…
Mum has been helping me lots – whenever I have chores to do, eg washing or cooking she will look after Micah. She helps me do the dishes and that takes a HUGE load off me. It has been so wonderful to have 3 extra babysitters in the house!! Happy to announce my mum has decided to extend her stay and remain in Melbourne until the end of July.. yayyyy!! Just need Air Asia to reply our request to separate my parents’ booking so we can make changes for ONE passenger on the booking only… so silly that we even have to request for the booking to be separated! 
………….. I can no longer focus on writing this blog post, after South Melbourne Market, a big shopping spree at CostCo, a quick stop at Fountain Gate to pick up my dad’s birthday cake (oh and it’s my dad’s birthday today!) and some stuff he wanted from Matchbox, and preparing a simple dinner (two dishes were  bought from CostCo so just had to be heated up in the oven), and bathing Micah, and feeding Micah, and putting him to bed……………. thank goodness my mum did most of the cleaning up. 
………………………………………………………. PHOTO TIME!
Micah with his proud grandparents
…… because I am about to pass out and can’t be bothered re-uploading all the photos, here’s a link to the Photo Album: La Familia in Melbourne 2012

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