Week 30: Micah’s Baptism

To hopefully make up for my previous overtired and lazy post for Week 29, I am going to do a detailed recap of the past week since my parents and sis have been here. My mum’s stay has officially been extended! She was leaving on the 9th July with my dad and sis, but now she’s not leaving until the 6th of August!! Wooohoooo… I am so happy because it actually makes a huge difference having mum here. Hubby hasn’t been in his best shape recently either, due to a sports injury his back muscles have been injured and he has been in pain for the past two weeks, so he hasn’t been able to pick Micah up. In a way, it’s good timing that all this happens while my parents are here to help me look after Micah during the day. I have been feeling quite relaxed and I’ve even had time to go swimming, go shopping, do lots of blogging etc with all the extra help I’m getting around the house as well as with Micah!
My boy looking very handsome in his baptism suit, with my mum
Last Sunday, we had Micah’s big day finally. Leading up to Micah’s baptism – we had to get a lot of things organised: Finish the decking, prepare lunch for 50 people, make sure everything we need for the baptism itself gets sorted out, etc. Everything went really well on the day, we were very pleased. Micah was baptised by his granddad (hubby’s dad) so it was very special. It was wonderful to have all our family, as well as most of our friends there to witness this special occasion. 
Unfortunately the weather wasn’t great – it was cold and rained most of the day, which was quite annoying because a lot of pressure was put on hubby to finish the decking in time for the baptism (plus we spent the days leading up to it with my family tidying up the backyard) and we ended up not even using the decking! Well, we did use it for a little bit at the start before it rained…. and all the drinks were outside and obviously we needed to cook on the BBQ for the Spit Roast Whole Suckling Pig so I suppose it wasn’t a complete waste of effort. Plus it’s great now that the decking is at a reasonable state (just need to finish the hand rails now) so we can use it whenever the weather permits.
I was also very anxious leading up to the Baptism Lunch about the Whole Suckling Pig. In the end, it turned out to be a huge, delicious success and as soon as it was ready and I tasted how beautiful it was, all my stress just went away. The pig was perfect. I can now breathe. 

(To read about the Whole Suckling Pig, visit Kimba’s Kitchen link here) 
I didn’t stress about anything else – our guests all knew each other so they can keep each other entertained, the cleaning up was going to be fine with extra hands to help plus most of the tidying up was just getting rid of plastic plates, cups, and cutlery anyway, I didn’t have to worry about Micah – he had lots of people to play with – all I had to do was feed him, lol. Even mum is better at putting him to bed now that I am! Hhmmm.. which may cause a problem when mum goes back to Malaysia… oh nooooo… oh well, I might as well enjoy this little bit of freedom while I can!
My dad serenading Micah … he is mesmerized!
Now that the baptism is done, we have just been relaxing at home. Micah continues to get a lot of attention from my mum, dad and sis… my parents have been doing a lot of the cooking and cleaning around the house (I know for next child to have my parents here to help AS SOON AS BABY IS BORN and not wait until 7 months later!!), we spent the afternoon at Fountain Gate yesterday shopping, and later this week we should make our way into the city one more time for my parents’ to do their souvenir shopping at Queen VIC Market.
Here are some funny random facts… Did You Know?:
  • That chicken wings in Australia is very cheap compared to Malaysia.. Tasman sells them for AUD $1.49/kg which is approx. RM5. Malaysia sells them for at least RM11/kg! Half priced chicken wings in Australia = lots of bingeing on chicken wings, lol.
  • Coles sells a 5kg bag of onions for $5. CostCo sells a 10kg bag of onions for $6.99. We thought that was a great deal… until we saw a 10kg bag of onions at the Fruit and Vegetable Market in Fountain Gate for $1.99!!! $1.99 for a 10kg bag of onions!!! Wish I didn’t already have a 10kg bag from CostCo…. but I know now for next time!!!
  • Pears are also half priced in Australia at the moment compared to Malaysia, they are eating lots of pears.
  • Oranges are super cheap too, lol. My dad is a fruit freak – so he bought a massive 3kg bag of oranges from the Fruit and Veg Market for $0.99.
  • Anchovies (Ikan Pusu) is super expensive in Australia. AUD $3.99 for a small packet. In Malaysia, RM2… which is less that AUD $1. But we bought a packet anyway so my mum can cook us “Tempoyak”… hehe.
  • Speaking of Tempoyak, we had some durians on Sunday – again, durians are a rip off here in Australia but it was so funny to watch Micah loving it! He didn’t even make a funny face when he first tasted it.. he practically devoured his piece of durian! He is such an Asian kid, lol.
Mmm… yummy durian!

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