Week 31: 7 Months

Happy 7 Months today, my little boy!
If you ever read this blog someday when you are much older, let me tell you that by this age you are already strong enough to stand up supported and taking steps and learning how to walk. You are a happy baby, very generous with your smiles and giggles, but unfortunately still struggling to sleep through the night… but it’s okay my little boy, we will get there eventually.
Teeth Count: 6 (3 at bottom, and 3 at the top.. and they are sharp!)
Just a few nights ago while you were busy crying in the middle of the night, somehow you pulled yourself up on your cot while you were searching for me! Such a clever strong boy. You did it again that same night, and again the next night, so we know it wasn’t just a fluke.
You also have this weird “cough thing” happening at the moment. We don’t know if you’re doing fake coughs, or you’re genuinely coughing, or if you’re mixing coughs with your funny way of laughing… but it’s weird buddy… why are you coughing like that??
I know I said I was going to give you total freedom when it comes to Solids and let you feed yourself, but really sweetheart you haven’t been eating much when you feed yourself… so guess what, mum’s decided to mix the finger foods with some spoon-fed meals, and you are loving it! For the past couple of weeks now, you have been eating Weetbix + Banana for breakfast, and I’ve just started introducing chicken into your diet, and you had a bowl of Veggie Soup with Bread for lunch yesterday, and you still get to play with your food whenever we give you a piece of fruit for a snack. Currently, your favorite fruits seem to be pears and bananas. Ultimately, you definitely LOVE your Weetbix. You finish your bowl of cereal every single morning! You’re a true Aussie Weetbix kid.
Your Ah Kong and Aunty Ruby will be returning back to Malaysia tonight. I am sure they are going to miss you very much. Thankfully, Ah Ma is staying another month to keep me company and also to spend more time with you! You lucky boy… so many people love you 🙂
Finally, to end this update – we had lots of fun during bathtime a few nights ago. For some reason, you found mum very funny whenever I do raspberries – and we got it all on film! If you are wondering why you’re bathing on the pool table.. well, we don’t have a bath stand so the pool table is just the right height and is convenient because I can set up a change mat to dress you straight away right next to the bathtub.

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