Week 32: The Boy Keeps Growing…

Micah loves standing up during playtime now
I have had people who see Micah maybe once every couple of weeks tell me how much he grows each time they see him. Obviously, it’s harder for me to notice it because I see him everyday, but based on the skills he keeps learning seemingly each week, my boy just keeps growing and growing!
His play activities have changed dramatically. He used to love just crawling around from one toy to another, putting everything in his mouth along the way. Now, he just chooses one toy, usually a walker or an activity table, climbs on it and stands up, and just stays there for a while. He loves learning to balance, and he is learning very quickly!!!
Cushions to catch his fall
We can’t leave him playing unsupervised anymore because of this, he falls every now and then and we have cushions everywhere to catch him whenever he falls. It’s almost as if we need his entire play area to be made of foam if we wanted to let him play unsupervised!
Micah continues to wake up standing up in his cot. Usually with a happy / excited smile on his face… telling me it’s time to get out of bed and have a play. I sometimes wonder why we adults don’t wake up as enthusiastic as kids do!
Sunday was hubby’s birthday and we just had a nice, relaxing day at home with some of his friends. We went to a Biblical Parenting Seminar at church in the morning, had Fish n Chips for lunch out on the decking (there was actually some sun that afternoon), and hubby spent the rest of the day doing what he loves.. spending time with Micah and playing computer games with his friends. 
We continue to love having grandma (my mum) around. It’s been so good for me to have breaks during the day to write my blogs, to catch up on some sleep I may have lost during the night if Micah has a bad night, to go out and run errands without the hassle of packing Micah up / messing with his routine, etc. My mum is great. She helps me with the cooking most nights, and does most of the washing up, and she does ALL my laundry. It’s also great to just have someone accompany me go shopping, go out for a coffee or watch a movie during the week. Also handy to have a babysitter at home for when hubby and I want to have a night out! Only three more weeks of having mum here, she will miss Micah so much when she goes home!
Okay I need to log off and give Micah a feed and put him down for his afternoon nap now!

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