Week 33: The Big Move, Keeping Up with Routine & A Spinning Video… and a LEFTY??!!!

Micah finally in his own bedroom
Last weekend, we finally moved Micah from our bedroom into his own bedroom. If you were wondering why it took us this long to move him, here are some of the reasons:
  • Micah still doesn’t sleep through the night, so him being in our bedroom is convenience for late night feeding or resettling. His bedroom is all the way at the other end of the house so it’s quite a long way to go in the middle of the night a few times, with eyes half open.
  • We needed to keep his bedroom available for my sister to sleep in while she was here visiting from Malaysia. That was end of June / early July. 
  • His bedroom is the only room in the house without a heating vent, so it is freezing cold. I wanted to wait until winter was over, but the problem is easily resolved by turning the electric heater on just before he goes to bed and that keeps the room warm for a few hours. Then, whenever I have to go in and resettle him, I would turn it on again to “top up” the heat and turn it off again when he falls back to sleep. That seems to work well because the white noise the heater makes actually helps me resettle him quicker. I would never leave the heater on with just him in the room though, even with a timer. Just makes me nervous. Better safe than sorry.
I can probably list a few more so called reasons but really, maybe I have the attachment problem haha! Micah slept perfectly fine the first night, and the nights after. When I say perfectly fine, he still doesn’t sleep through the night but seems to be doing just as good if not sometimes a little bit better compared to being in our bedroom… so he doesn’t seem to have any issues with us not being there all the time. If anything, I find I’m the one who constantly looks at the baby monitor and missing him! Silly me…
So looks like the “big move” was a huge success. I am adjusting well to sleep walking to his room in the middle of the night, in fact I find it helps me “wake up” before having to deal with him. It’s good to have our bedroom back… suddenly our bedroom seems HUGE and without the cot and the change table we just have all that space back and the room looks less cluttered which is a fantastic feeling.
Micah is also at the stage of starting to understand what we tell him (or so we think!) and he knows his name now (he turns his head whenever we say “Micah!”) and he is also becoming quite a chatterbox, mumbling a bunch of baby words all the time (we think his first word was a real, solid “Mum”.. and he keeps repeating it, sounds so cute and melts my heart!) so I’ve been trying to encourage a habit of reading to him every night before bedtime as well as to train him to love books. He definitely responds well to us reading to him, he just happily sits still and lets us have a cuddle while we read, and he also shows interest in the different pictures in the books. I just need to make sure we keep up this habit! It is so easy to do things and not be consistent… I know I am guilty of that sometimes especially with meals and sleep routines so I must make sure we stay consistent with what we do so he doesn’t get too confused!
Now that my mum is staying with us for a month, our routine involves Micah spending a lot of time with my mum. It is so great for me to have time to myself and time to rest, and we all know how much mum has been helping with chores around the house. I have no idea what will happen when mum goes back to Malaysia… Micah would probably be a little bit upset the first few days, and I will probably experience some kind of withdrawal or fall into mild depression because all of sudden I have to do everything myself again…. sigh, trying not to think about it.
And finally, just a little video of Micah concentrating whilst spinning a toy thing on his jumpy bouncer thing. If you are a parent, you will probably know the feeling of how little things they do just amazes you. I don’t remember the first time he started spinning the wheels on the activity table but it was a while ago, and I remember thinking “That is so cool you’re doing that, Micah!” I suppose when you’re watching your first child grow up and learn new skills, every new thing is an exciting discovery and such a joy to see them all happen for the first time.
And just in case you missed it, here’s a video of Micah walking! 🙂
Hopefully on a chatty day, I can film Micah talking! 
WAITTTTT… before I end this post, I was watching the video of Micah spinning the toy again and noticed how he used his LEFT hand to spin. Does this mean Micah is LEFT-HANDED???!!! 

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