Chocolate Hazelnut Slice

As much as I love indulging in sweets every so often, I’m generally not a sweets person in the kitchen. I don’t bake or make desserts very often. It’s weird because I find making desserts messy, which really doesn’t make sense because some of the savoury dishes I cook are technically messier! Maybe I’m trying to be “good” by not making too many sweet treats, but then again some of my deep fried dishes are surely just as evil if not worse! So there’s no real reason as to why I avoid baking or making sweet desserts, I just don’t!

BUT.. when I DO make desserts I usually choose a very simple and reliable recipe. Something very simple to make yet deliciously yummy. That is why I am documenting this slice recipe on my blog so I can come back to it. There is a story behind this slice. You see, my sister in law is a brilliant desserts person. She makes all sorts of yummy cakes, cupcakes, slices, biscuits, etc and the family gets to sample them pretty often. Last week, she made a batch of this slice she wasn’t quite happy with. “Too much golden syrup” she claims. So she kindly “donated” a whole lot of them to us keen eaters. We didn’t think there was anything wrong with it. My mum absolutely loved it! So we asked for the recipe and she kindly shared. So now I kindly share it too, it is SO simple.. no baking (yay!) and literally takes less than 15 minutes to make.

2 packets Arnott’s Malt ‘O’ Milk biscuits, crushed
1 tin sweetened condensed milk
220g melted butter
2 tbsp golden syrup
250g hazelnut chocolate block
10g Copha (vegetable shortening)
Combine crushed biscuit, condensed milk, melted butter and golden syrup in a bowl. Mix well and transfer into a slice tray and flatten gently. Melt chocolate with Copha and pour on top of slice mix. Refrigerate until chocolate sets then chop to serve.

8 thoughts on “Chocolate Hazelnut Slice

  1. Haha, I'm just like you when it comes to desserts! We don't really make sweets in my household since sugar doesn't process so well in my brother's system and to make something sweet and then deny him the right to eat it is just mean… but when I do make them for special occasions etc., simple and reliable is what I look for :). Hence this is definitely being bookmarked for an event in the future!


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