Dairy Free Lemon and Coconut Cake

This is one of my favorite cakes to make for when we need a treat around the house that is suitable for my youngest daughter Silver, who is allergic to dairy, eggs, peanuts and cashews. It is amazing how we don’t have to miss out so much on treats just because we have a kid with allergies. The only problem is when we go out and people are unaware of what she cannot have, but when we are at home, it is so easy to whip up something yummy without dairy / egg. Ingredients:2 cups self raising flour1 cup sugar2 … Continue reading Dairy Free Lemon and Coconut Cake

Dairy Free Banana Pancake Fritters / Dairy Free Egg Free Banana Cake

My daughter is allergic to dairy, eggs, peanuts and cashews. So naturally, I have learnt to substitute a few things around the house to suit her. For example, Nutella for Sweet Williams Dairy Free Chocolate Spread. Cow’s milk for soy milk. Butter for Nuttelex dairy free spread. Eggs for silken soy tofu (for the soft texture in meals). We have adjusted really well, and our meals at home have been allergy-free 80% of the time. The other 20% include chocolate snacks (just stay away from her while eating it), ice cream (she has her own dairy free soy ice cream), … Continue reading Dairy Free Banana Pancake Fritters / Dairy Free Egg Free Banana Cake

Margaret Fulton’s Lemon Cake Recipe

I haven’t blogged in absolutely ages… and I am not saying I’m back, I just wanted to share this amazing recipe with my family and friends. What easier way to spread the good news than to write it in my blog – that way I have easy access to this recipe as well whenever I need it! I had this random craving for Lemon Cake one day, so I looked through my collection of cookbooks on the shelves and got the Margaret Fulton’s Encyclopedia of Food and Cookery book out. Sure enough, there is a recipe for a Lemon Tea … Continue reading Margaret Fulton’s Lemon Cake Recipe

Chocolate Hazelnut Slice

As much as I love indulging in sweets every so often, I’m generally not a sweets person in the kitchen. I don’t bake or make desserts very often. It’s weird because I find making desserts messy, which really doesn’t make sense because some of the savoury dishes I cook are technically messier! Maybe I’m trying to be “good” by not making too many sweet treats, but then again some of my deep fried dishes are surely just as evil if not worse! So there’s no real reason as to why I avoid baking or making sweet desserts, I just don’t! … Continue reading Chocolate Hazelnut Slice

Simple Apple Cake Recipe

A couple of weeks ago, I have overstocked on apples for the stuffing for the whole suckling pig I was cooking. We had so many apples leftover, I really wanted to use them and make a simple and moist apple cake. I used a familiar base cake recipe and just added the apples on top. The first time I made it, there wasn’t enough cake batter so the cake ended up being too thin and cooked too quickly. This didn’t leave enough time for my apples to cook – so it was a weird thin cake with hard apples. Tonight, … Continue reading Simple Apple Cake Recipe

Chocolate Banana Cupcakes Recipe

I’ve decided to bake these cupcakes today for two very simple reasons: Now that I am officially on Maternity Leave, I have all the time in the world to do whatever I want e.g. go swimming, shopping, watch TV shows, clean the house, go out to lunch, take naps, cook and BAKE! Otherwise I usually can’t be bothered baking… Prices of bananas are finally coming back down in Australia. Ever since the cyclone hit Queensland, where most of the bananas come from, prices of bananas have been ridiculously expensive (at one point it was $16 per kg!) making bananas the … Continue reading Chocolate Banana Cupcakes Recipe

Chocolate Banana Puff Pastry

I haven’t been able to experiment with new and impressive recipes lately. Hubby and I were away during the weekend, we stayed the night at a hotel in the city and got pampered with room service and restaurant meals. Weeknights are generally busy and I tend to cook really simple food just┬áto keep us going. One weeknight, as I was wondering whether or not I should make dessert… I’ve noticed a couple of browning bananas and initially thought I’d make my banana fritters. However, the thought of messy gooey batter and cleaning up the wok and stove after deep frying … Continue reading Chocolate Banana Puff Pastry

Easy Ambrosia Dessert Recipe

Don’t you just love going to dinner parties, and then your host serves up something really amazing and then you ask about it, and you end up learning that it is actually quite easy and simple to whip up? This has happened to me several times. I end up “pinching” someone else’s recipe, which was originally someone else’s recipe / idea anyway, and by me pinching the recipe I end up passing it on to someone else who comes to my dinner party, and then they end up passing it on to other people! This recipe is no exception. It … Continue reading Easy Ambrosia Dessert Recipe