Spicy Chicken Tagine & Ferrero Centerpiece!

I know I’ve just literally come back from a holiday just days ago, and I should be tired and couldn’t be bothered to cook especially after feasting on too much good food for 10 days while we were away – but surprisingly my new tagine has been motivating me. As for my other chores, yes I have been slacking and really cannot be bothered cleaning and washing. But that’s another story.

Tonight I decided to cook a Spicy Chicken Tagine. The chicken pieces were marinated with garlic, chilli, lemon, paprika, turmeric, cumin and coriander and salt and pepper to taste and left to marinade in the fridge overnight. The next day, I heated some olive oil in the tagine and cooked the chicken with the lid closed (occasionally turn the chicken repeatedly) and in the last 15 minutes add some chicken stock so the base of the tagine does not burn.

Unfortunately my tagine burnt anyway, lol. Thankfully it’s a Scanpan so it washes off very easily. Go Scanpan!
So I served the Spicy Chicken with another plate of Lemon Chicken and Cous Cous and Steamed Vegetables. Successfully fed 5 people tonight, me and hubby, and bro in law, and another bro in law and sis in law. All came over for dinner and movie afterwards.
We also sat and admired the Ferrero Rocher by BKH Christmas Centerpiece which I have won through Penny’s blog. I’ve never really won anything before, so I was very happy just to win it. Little did I know, someone on Twitter looked it up and found out that it was worth $375 and it was a limited edition thing and I think I now own 1 out of only 50 of these things? Correct me if I’m getting way ahead of myself here? Haha. Anyway – when I received the box the base of this centerpiece actually broke and I had to superglue it together in order to make this centerpiece stand up properly with lights. Superglue fixes everything!
I also made a Banana Cake from four very browning bananas leftover from my housesitters who did not eat the fruit supply I left them, lol. It’s all good though, those bananas made really moist and rich cake. Very happy with my cake today! This pic don’t show much, but trust me – it was very moist and very yummy. I used my “Best Ever Banana Bread Recipe” click on the title to see recipe.
Hope you guys are having a wonderful holiday. HAPPY NEW YEAR! xoxo

23 thoughts on “Spicy Chicken Tagine & Ferrero Centerpiece!

  1. I would have certainly been a happy guest at your dinner party, everything looks so temptingly delicious. The centerpiece you won looks amazingly beautiful. Congratulations.Wish you a Happy New Year!


  2. This looks and sounds delicious! Definitely on my 'to make' list after we get through the backlog of holiday foods. The 'tree' is amazing! How will you ever eat any of it?! Happy New Year my friend!


  3. Kimberly, doesn't a tagine have a pointed cone for a lid? I thought for a minute that the Ferrero centerpiece you won was the top part of the tagine…a very fancy-looking one! Haha, how silly. It looks fab, it really does. You really are one Energizer bunny, cooking this small feast right after your holidays. If it was me, I'd be curled up in bed for a week to recover! I enjoyed your cruise photos, btw. Have a wonderful and blessed year ahead to you and your hubs!


  4. Your tangine looks lovely – I like it nice and browned! And the spices warm me instantly. If I had your centerpiece I would be hard-pressed to share – but how can you hide it? Happy 2011 to you and yours!


  5. Kimberly,I'm behind reading blogs, so have a great 2011. That Ferrero centerpiece is amazing! I've never seen anything like it. You definitely have a collector's item, I think. Looking forward t more wonderful recipes from your kitchen.


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