Dairy Free Banana Pancake Fritters / Dairy Free Egg Free Banana Cake

My daughter is allergic to dairy, eggs, peanuts and cashews. So naturally, I have learnt to substitute a few things around the house to suit her. For example, Nutella for Sweet Williams Dairy Free Chocolate Spread. Cow’s milk for soy milk. Butter for Nuttelex dairy free spread. Eggs for silken soy tofu (for the soft texture in meals). We have adjusted really well, and our meals at home have been allergy-free 80% of the time. The other 20% include chocolate snacks (just stay away from her while eating it), ice cream (she has her own dairy free soy ice cream), peanut butter (again, eat away from Silver and wash hands and mouth immediately after). Thankfully she is not anaphylactic, so we are not as paranoid.

This is the simplest snack I make once a week for morning or afternoon tea for the kids, especially if we have some browning bananas just sitting around in the fruit bowl because nobody wants to eat them now that they look disgusting. Those browning bananas are so useful for snacks such as this, or my dairy free banana bread.. so I will share both recipes now. Enjoy!

Dairy Free Banana Pancake Fritters

2 browning bananas
1 cup soy milk
1 cup plain flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 tbsp caster sugar
A pinch of salt
Combine bananas and soy milk in a mixing bowl. Mash bananas and stir well. Add plain flour, baking powder, sugar and salt. Mix well. Heat 4 tbsp vegetable oil in a fry pan. Cook batter for about 1 minute on each side. Be careful not to burn them! 

Dairy Free, Egg Free Banana Cake (Very Moist)

2/3 cup brown sugar
2/3 cup Nuttelex spread
2 browning medium sized bananas
2/3 cup soy milk
1 1/2 cup self raising flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp vanilla essence
Lemon Juice
Icing Sugar
In a bowl, mix brown sugar and Nuttelex spread well using a hand mixer. In a separate bowl, mash bananas and mix well with soy milk. Add vanilla essence and baking powder. Combine the banana mixture into the sugar and Nuttelex, and add the self raising flour. Mix well.
Pour onto a cake tin and bake for approx 40 – 50 minutes at 160C, or until a skewer comes out clean (or cake doesn’t wobble when you give the tin a little shake), depending on the oven you may need a longer time to bake as my oven is HOT and cooks very quickly!
Leave cake out to cool for approx 15 minutes. Then, sprinkle some lemon juice onto the warm cake for a hint of lemon flavour. Sift icing sugar onto the cake. Wait another 20 minutes to let it cool further before slicing, the longer you wait the more the butter will emulsify and therefore make the cake more solid and ready to slice. The cake fresh from the oven can be extremely soft and crumbly so let the Nuttelex cool and be more binding to hold the cake together better.

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