Kimba’s Photography: Home Photography Wannabe

We all know professional photography costs a fortune and many people would actually pay that money because it’s emotional buying. How can they resist all those beautiful photos that capture their baby’s ultimate cuteness. After all, babies grow up way too quickly so those photos will be cherished for a long, long time. That is how professional photographers make their living. I have nothing against professional photographers, in fact I respect what they do and I believe they work really hard and deserve every cent they earn (although in saying that, I am aware of many photographers that are complete rip offs and totally overcharge their customers) but I am also aware of many honest, reasonable and talented photographers out there.
Unfortunately we cannot afford to pay for a professional photographer, so I’ve decided to start my own “Home Photography Wannabe” Photo Album on Facebook. Basically, my poor Micah the default model will get all dressed up and be positioned in various “photography settings” I can possibly think of as part of my attempt in trying to recreate what professional photographers do.
I’m just a wannabe… but at least I am saving money and I can take continuous photos throughout his life, not just a once off. Who knows, with practice many years from now the quality of my photos may start to be comparable to those people pay thousands of dollars for….? Just maybe… haha!
The photos in this post are my first attempts. Micah was a little bit tired though, so it was very difficult to get him to smile. The “photo shoot” did not last more than 5 minutes, lol! Oh well, can try again some other day.

And later that day…

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