Rafferty’s Garden Baby Food

Micah doesn’t have any issues eating solids. Just before he was 6 months old, I’ve introduced him to finger food solids to chew on and to explore different tastes and textures. A month later, I began giving him a combination of finger foods (for learning and exploring) as well as mashed up veggies or pumpkin and potatoes for actual eating. Another month later, Micah is fully capable of feeding himself solid, chopped up fruit (non pureed) and actually eating and swallowing 95% of it. He no longer makes a huge mess on the floor, and whilst there will still be a bit of mess on his high chair, majority of the fruit will go in his mouth and get eaten. No more tongue reflex that pushes food out. He has also learnt to use his many new (and sharp) teeth to chew off bits of the fruit and swallow. Hooray! My boy is eating properly!
Now that the “training” process is considered over and Micah is finally on 3 solid meals per day, I find myself especially struggling when it comes to going out and feeding him. A lot of the meals I’ve made fresh for him goes straight in the freezer and need to be heated up. When you’re out shopping, etc it gets kind of tricky.
That is why I’ve decided to give Rafferty’s Garden range of savoury and sweet fruity baby food a go. They are so many wonderful flavours and conveniently packaged in spout packaging. They are good to serve warm or cold straight out of the packaging. Any leftovers can be refrigerated and consumed within 48 hours. Micah absolutely loves them and I sometimes like to mix some of the savoury flavours with mashed potatoes or steamed rice to add a bit more texture for him at dinner time. He especially loves the fruit flavours and I love having them handy in the pantry for when I run out of fresh fruit, or when we’re out and I don’t want him to make a mess in public!
The spout packages are $1.99 each so really not the most economical way to feed your baby all the time, but as I said they are great for when you’re out and about, as well as to mix with some of the food you’re already cooking. The fruit flavours are made out of real fruit and nothing else, so they make a great treat especially when served cold straight out of the refrigerator. 
Micah looking longingly out his window at our neighbour’s kids jumping on their trampoline…
P/S: Sadly, this is not a sponsored post. I am writing this wonderful positive review for FREE because good things need to be shared!

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