Obsessed with Photos Much?

We all know I already take way too many photos of my boy Micah. Seriously, I don’t know any other parent who is obsessed with taking photos of their child more than I am. It’s ridiculous really, but I know someday I will be so glad I took this many photos of him… he grows up so quickly that he looks different every single week and I know looking back I will be glad I captured all those different stages of him looking different and doing different things.
A few weeks ago at Fountain Gate Shopping Centre, I decided to take up a Professional Photographer’s offer of taking Micah’s photos for free. The only catch is, if I wanted a photo to keep that would cost $8.50. That’s not too bad, right? Plus I get a free fridge magnet. So really I get two professional shots of Micah for $8.50. Ok cool. Let’s do it. Micah was so tired just before the photo shoot, but he somehow smiled so generously for our lovely photographer. What is he doing to me?! Is he trying to tempt me to buy more shots of him looking cute?! If he didn’t smile so much, it would’ve been easier to NOT be tempted to purchase more…. aaahhhh but I managed to fight temptation anyway, but that’s for later on in this story.

I went back to Fountain Gate today to pick up the single photo + fridge magnet I already paid for, as well as to view all the rest of the photos from the shoot and be tempted by the salesperson to spend more money. I was determined NOT to spend any more money. After all, I already have so many great shots of Micah and really no matter how cute the photos are I am not prepared to spend hundreds of dollars on them. I was there just to pick up my two photos… in and out.
So there were 9 poses altogether, each pose has been printed as a set of 10 prints in various sizes. To purchase ALL 9 poses, 90 photos and a CD would’ve costed $540. No way am I ever going to spend that money. So the lady asked what my budget was… and I said no more than $100. She started her counter offer with $200. I said no, happy to take my 2 shots and go…. then she offered me $150 as her lowest offer for all 9 sets. I said no again…. I offered her $120. She said no. So I said that’s okay I’m happy to just take the 2 shots I came for, and I really was quite happy with just the 2 shots!
Finally, she offered me $120 for 4 sets (not all 9) of photos. I thought about it for a minute… because out of all 9 sets, there were probably only 5 I really, really liked. Which meant I could have all the ones I liked… because I already have 2 and can choose 4 more…. I thought for about 1 minute and said no again. SO glad I already take so many great photos of Micah at home, I was so much less tempted than I probably would’ve been if I didn’t have all the wonderful photos of Micah already!
So well done to me, for saying no. Deep down I’m still hoping they’ll call me back and say OK to my offer. They’re just going to chuck those photos out anyway. If not, I am fully content. These two shots I picked are my absolute favorites and I am so happy with them for what I paid ($8.50, hehe!). Looking at these photos I already see how different Micah looked a few weeks ago compared to now. His front hair is definitely a lot longer now!

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