Week 36: New Videos, Sick Mum, Happy Boy.

“My Daddy Rocks” and “Mummy’s Little Rockstar”… love it!
The start of this week wasn’t great. I was down with a nasty bug that left me feeling run down, killer headaches and mild fevers. I couldn’t handle looking after Micah at 5.30am when he would normally wake up and his multiple night feeds. Thankfully, my amazing husband worked from home on Monday and looked after him in the morning so I could sleep and rest, and later that day hubby’s parents came over and helped look after Micah while I went to the doctor’s. 
Later that night, Micah slept the best he has ever slept in months… he slept from 7pm – 7am waking up only ONCE to feed at midnight. That meant I slept for 6 hours straight… and boy I really needed that! Woke up feeling great this morning, so refreshed and ready to take on the world again. Might even show up at Mums Group today for a change, lol. Hopefully this would be a turning point, and not a once off! Micah’s being a good kid right now, letting me sit here on the couch and blog while he quietly and happily plays with his toys.
And what a little adventurer he is. He walks on his walker pretty well now (if you missed it, here’s a video of Micah walking) and crawls around his now secured play area and sits up and plays with various toys. Very independent little kid, as long as he knows I’m not far of course… and as long as he is not tired, grumpy, hungry or has a dirty nappy, lol.
And here are just a couple of videos of my happy boy 🙂
And finally, I recently submitted a few photos of Micah to a Baby Modelling Agency in Melbourne and we got a call back from the people at the agency saying they were very impressed with the photos and would like us to come in for an interview. We’re just testing the waters at the moment, it’s a no obligations interview and we’re really just sussing out what’s out there. We are aware that most agencies charge a fee to just get started, with no guarantee of getting work, so we will definitely tread carefully.

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