Week 40: Home Photo Shoot

Micah’s first photo shoot with Bettina Baby Modelling Agency is coming up this Friday after we have had to reschedule due to his Hand, Foot and Mouth disease. Now that he’s all better and his face finally cleared up, I thought I’d dress him in the clothes I plan to dress him in this Friday and do a “practice run”.
Taking good photos of an active toddler is not easy. Sometimes you cannot even get them to smile if they are too tired or grumpy. Sometimes you cannot get them to keep still, let alone do the pose you want them to do! So my first trick to get Micah into a good mood is to give him a quick feed on the boob… works all the time! He is instantly a happy boy and generous with his smiles. He also gets super active so the camera just needs to keep snapping… snap snap snap and out of 20+ photos only TWO made the cut. Oh well!

So what do you think? Does Micah have what it takes to be a baby model?

EDIT: I decided to do a bit of online research (not sure why I did the research AFTER going through the whole interview process, etc… but better late than never) and this totally freaked me out. I don’t think we will go to that photo shoot on Friday. Micah can continue being MY supermodel and I will continue being his photographer. Will set up an account on AT2 (nice and easy, simple enough) and we’ll see how we go from there!


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