Week 45: Getting Ready for a Massive Week

Micah and I better get as much sleep as we can this week, because starting this Saturday the whole of next week is going to be a massive, huge, busy, crazy week for us…. because my sister Pearly will be in town!!! She is only in Melbourne for a week, so it will be a crazy week of shopping and going out every single day. We also have a few functions and events happening!
Starting Saturday afternoon at our church Flower Show, followed by Saturday night I’m off to the city to do a Progressive Dinner for one of my Sponsored Blog Post for Kimba’s Kitchen, then later that same night I am off to the airport to pick up my sister whose flight arrives in Melbourne at 12.30AM… insane! By the time she gets through customs etc I’m pretty sure it will be close to 3.00am by the time we get home!
Then the very next day we have a BBQ at a friend’s place for lunch. Monday shopping. Tuesday shopping. Wednesday shopping. Thursday shopping and family dinner. Friday shopping. Saturday rest then karaoke. And Sunday it all ends when I take my sister back to the airport first thing in the morning.
INSANE! I am exhausted already. Time for bed.

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