Week 46: Aunty Pearly Is In Town

This week has been huge – so huge that I have to rush through this blog post so I can get ready for dinner before Micah wakes up from his afternoon nap. We are off to a family dinner at a local restaurant in Berwick to celebrate 4 birthdays in the family. Busy busy!!
My sister is of course in Melbourne this week. Everyday has been shopping shopping shopping… Sunday we had a BBQ at a friend’s place. Dinner that night was Chinese takeaway. Monday we shopped at Fountain Gate and she cooked dinner. Tuesday we went into the city to have Kolo Mee at Kitchen Inn followed by Chocolate Fondue at Max Brenner. Later that night we went and had dinner at Georgio’s Steak and Seafood Restaurant in Beaconsfield. Wednesday we went to Chadstone and shopped some more and caught up with some friends. Cooked chicken for dinner and had takeaway Kolo Mee from the day before. Today (Thursday) we went back to Fountain Gate and shopped some more. Tomorrow we might go back to Fountain Gate, haha. 
Hubby is away this week in Sydney for work, so I don’t come home to him not being happy with me because I have shopped too much, hehe.

Micah had his first real haircut today. I gave him a little trim a few weeks ago but it was too hard to try and cut all of his hair because he kept reaching for the scissors. This time, I took him to a Barber Shop at Fountain Gate and paid $16.50 (whoa!) to get his hair cut. His hair was really getting out of control! Very happy with it now though, a lot neater and shorter and he looks young again, like a younger baby. He looks very handsome and cute 🙂

Hubby will be home late Friday night, I’m sure Micah will be very happy to see his daddy. Not sure what we’ll do on Saturday during the day when hubby is back – maybe we will check out a brewery for lunch? We are off to karaoke on Saturday night and then my sister will fly back to Malaysia on Sunday morning.
Life will be back to normal again next week, and I get to rest my SORE FEET!!

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