A Small Beginning…

As many of you know, I have been taking photos of my son Micah (now 10 months old) ever since he was born. A few months ago, I’ve decided to extend my photo taking services to friends and their bubs for free. I wanted to gain the experience and maybe get some exposure as they show off their bubs’ photos to their friends.

This week, I’ve decided I was ready to take the plunge and go beyond my friends support and start charging a small fee for my photography services.

It is a small start – but I don’t plan to make a profit, it is merely to compensate my time and efforts.

I love working with babies, capturing their vulnerability and cheeky nature at that beautiful young age.

As a marketing person, yes I could’ve gone all out and set up a marketing campaign with online ads, flyers, etc. But I am happy to keep it small right now, to just word of mouth and friends referring friends. Hopefully as I gain more clients, they will tell their friends too. After all, I wouldn’t want some random person getting a flyer in the mail ringing up and asking for my home address (where I do my photo shoots)… a little bit scary and dangerous!

So here’s to my little venture – I am happy to say I have already booked my first paid client – so excited yet nervous at the same time!

I just want to do a good job and make those parents proud to show off their babies’ photos just like how Micah’s photos always make me proud to be his mum 🙂

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