Week 48: Clapping and Stacking

I just wanted to go on the record (after all this blog is all about Micah’s development milestones, etc) that Micah at 10 and a half months learnt how to clap and stack, hehe.
We started letting Micah play with Mega Bloks about a week ago, and already he knows how to stack. Now I just wonder if he would’ve stacked a lot sooner if we let him play with them sooner!!
I shall carefully place this here….
Tada! Look mum! *smiles of satisfaction*
I can stack!
 In other news, Micah and I took a drive all the way into the city today to pick up some Kolo Mee. My Facebook friends would know all about my obsession… but really it’s just me catching up to 7 years of being deprived of my childhood hawker favourite food… and now that Melbourne finally sells Kolo Mee (read my review on Kimba’s Kitchen here for more details) I am deprived no more! Annoying that it is all the way in the city but better than nothing!!
Micah excited to be at Kitchen Inn today to pick up more Kolo Mee because just like his mummy and daddy, he lovesssss Kolo Mee!
Well, summer is approaching quickly and the weather is getting warmer and warmer so Micah got to play in his cubby house a lot more these days, and he is lovin’ it!
I think that’s all for now…. 47 days until Christmas!

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