Week 49: Chicken Eating Machine

I just realised I almost missed a whole week of blogging on here, and this cannot happen! So I’m just going to post quickly just so I haven’t missed a week! Just a little silly post.. I gave Micah a whole chicken drumstick this week for the first time and he absolutely loved it and devoured the whole thing! Photos below to prove it…
Is this how I’m supposed to eat this mum?


Mmmm… yummy chicken!


Clap clap! Bravo mum that was delicious!
He also currently loves eating a hard boiled egg (I eat most of the egg yolk as that’s the high cholesterol bit) and he absolutely lovesssss grilled mushrooms. He doesn’t seem to mind the chewy texture of mushrooms! Loves them just like his mummy and daddy yayy!!
Ok and here’s a few latest YouTube vids of him being super entertaining, laughing, playing keyboard, singing, and walking! Enjoy šŸ™‚

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