Kimba’s Kitchen is On Holidays

My lovely readers, I must apologise for my blog going on a complete hiatus. At first, it was just because I got too busy during the December birthdays, Christmas and New Year holidays plus I felt a little bit lazy so decided I just needed a break from blogging. Now, I am writing this post from my hometown Kuching in Sarawak in Borneo in Malaysia! Yes, I am currently away on holidays here in Malaysia for a whole MONTH. Won’t be back in Melbourne until the 15th of Feb. Celebrating Chinese New Year in my hometown for the first time in 8 years. Loving it. Enjoying all the authentic delicious local food and having my family here to help look after Micah, and sleeping in, and walking down memory lane, reminiscing my childhood.
I assure you I will be back.. I will be back in my kitchen and I will get inspired to cook again, and blog again, and write passionate and honest reviews again, and do food photography again… but lately it seems my camera doesn’t follow me everywhere I go, as I tuck in to enjoy the moment without really caring about whether I took some decent photos to blog about later. Right now, it is all about enjoying every minute every second of my holidays… but of course I have a few photo to share. Until next time! 🙂
Dim Sum in KL
Crispy Pork aka Siew Yoke
Peking Duck!
Butter Prawns
Belachan Midin
Lemon Chicken
Sweet and Sour Deep Fried Garoupa

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