Brandy Creek Wines & View Cafe, Drouin East

What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than to head over to a winery and enjoy some amazing tapas with a few of your girlfriends, overlooking the vineyard with great views of the countryside… well, that’s what I did today! Brandy Creek Winery is located approximately 40 minutes from where I live in Berwick, so I suppose that would make it a 1 hour and 15 minute trip for anyone who plans to head over there from Melbourne CBD. Trust me, the long drive is worth it, and this place has been known to attract people from all over Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs. It has been featured on popular Melbourne travel and food shows, and I cannot believe I have never been here before today!
Between us 5 girls, we ordered quite a few tapas dishes from their menu. Everything sounds good, and I am sure everything would taste good! It was difficult to commit to just the ones we planned to order and not get tempted to order a few more, but we had to be sensible and not go down that path of overindulging… although I think we definitely had a good go at letting ourselves indulge just a little bit more than a normal day!
We started off with the Garlic Bread and although it’s just garlic bread, please do not miss out on THIS garlic bread! It was served with freshly roasted WHOLE garlic cloves that must’ve been roasted with butter because it came oozing out so beautifully when squeezed onto the toasted bread… and when you rub a little bit of sea salt onto it, it was just absolutely perfect!
The Chorizo was awesome combined with the salsa sauce that actually had a bit of a zesty spice kick to it, the grilled Calamari were soft and beautifully cooked, the meatballs had amazing flavour and so soft and tender, and the Lamb Ribs were melt in your mouth! Literally fell off the bone, it was so good.
Interestingly enough, the Beer Battered Barramundi came out in one big fillet so you had to cut it all up to share, which in my opinion retains the juiciness of the fish as opposed to deep frying little finger sized bites. It was crispy, fresh, delicious, fantastic! The Roast Pork Belly ticked all my boxes, definitely crispy crackling and super soft melt in your mouth pork meat, combined with an amazing apple sauce. The mussels had great flavours and just the right amount of creaminess, not too rich. The Crispy Duck was just that little bit overcooked but still retained a soft texture and skin was definitely crispy and the accompanying sauce provided just the right amount of sweet acid to balance out the fattiness of the duck. The Potatoes were okay, roasted well but I am not a super huge potato fan anyway so I find it hard to get too excited over potatoes.
Just when we thought we have had enough food, the waitress brought out the desserts menu. So we had the very Decadent Chocolate Truffle Cake, which was indeed decadent! It was deliciously rich and flavoursome. My personal favorite was the Vanilla & Citrus Crema Catalana served with Passionfruit, sooooo good! The toffee on top was deliciously crunchy and the custard was delicious!
The Creme Caramel ice cream had crunchy AND sticky caramel toffee all over it so it was a delightful ice cream to enjoy! The Portugese Custard Tart was a classic, very good. The Churros were still very warm and dipped into a gooey and also warm chocolate dipping sauce, heaven! Finished everything off with a cappuccino… what a delightful experience!
Service here was great and prompt. It was a busy afternoon, but they were all very organised and the food came out in a timely manner. We truly enjoyed ourselves, and I am already planning to go back very soon for one of their Paella or Churrasco Nights, which they are also famous for.
All in all, we paid about $40 per person which included all the food shown above AND drinks! Not bad for an indulgent lunch I say!

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