Week 2: Grilled Cajun Prawns with Sweet Potato Mash & Holy Trinity Veg

This blog post is part of my Jamie Oliver’s 15-Minutes, 15 Recipes, 15-Week Challenge.

First and foremost let me just say, this is more like it! This recipe is simple, easy to follow, easy to prepare, delicious and only took me ACTUAL 15 minutes from prep to serve! Yes, I was going as quickly as possible and it got a bit chaotic in the kitchen as I raced to beat time, but I got there in 15 minutes on the dot! If this was a MasterChef pressure test I would’ve excelled haha.

The recipe required me to firstly start off with boiling the sweet potatoes, so I quickly put a pot of boiling water on, chopped the sweet potatoes skin off into large squares because who has time to peel, chopped them into even smaller dices and off they go into the pot to be left alone for the next 10 minutes.

Then I was off to just toss the raw tiger prawns with olive oil, Cajun seasoning, crushed garlic (I left my garlic whole because I couldn’t be bothered crushing them when I can get the same roasted garlic flavour squeezed onto the prawns when served anyway!) and thyme sprigs.. and off to the oven they go in a single layer. Too easy!

Then I was off to chop up the veggies, which is actually pretty simple considering there’s only a few green peppers (or capsicum in Australia), some spring onions, celery, fresh red chilli and frozen sweetcorn which needed no prep work! Toss them all in a pan with a bit of olive oil and 1 tsp of sweet smoked paprika, cook through and I’m done!

By this stage, the prawns were not quite ready but the sweet potatoes were, so I quickly drained the water, gave the potatoes a bit of a mash around and added Cheddar cheese. 

Even by this stage, the prawns were not quite done but I can start plating up! I chose to “plate up” on a chopping board because it looks really nice that way and it’s large enough to fit everything! I served up the mash, scattered the veg on top, chopped up some lemons into wedges, grabbed the prawns from the oven and served them up last.. and VOILA! All done! 

The prawns were finger lickin’ good, so delicious and so naturally tasty with just a bit of Cajun flavours. Everything else went so well with them. So pleased with myself, so pleased with Jamie. Until next time!

Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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