Mamma Bake Cupcake Decorating Class

A lot of you may have noticed that I am certainly far from being the best at baking / decorating cakes. As a matter of fact, I almost dislike making desserts. Is that weird? I love EATING them, and when I do decide to make desserts I do enjoy how pretty they look, but if I had the choice to spend 2 hours in the kitchen to cook whatever I want… I would not choose to make a dessert. I am most definitely more a savoury cook.
That is why I’ve decided that yes, I will go to a Mamma Bake Cupcake Decorating Class hosted by my friend Katherine. I mean, why not? I get to hang out with the girls, and be baby-free for 2 hours, and hopefully learn some useful tips on decorating cupcakes in which I have NEVER had the chance to do… I’m serious! Yes, I’m all food blogger and all but I have never been taught the basics of cupcake decorating! Food blogger fail? I hope not. Well, after today’s class I am no longer a failure and actually quite confident with my piping skills thank you very much! :p
I had so much fun during the class today, it was very informal and light-hearted and we shared lots of laughs as we all tried our very best to keep up with Jules (our instructor) and create some magic patterns with the piping bag and various tips. I learnt so many helpful tips today, some were so easy and simple and made so much common sense, we all went “now why didn’t I think of doing this before?” or “why hasn’t anyone else shown us how to do this?!”

Arranged from left to right my 1st attempt right through to the 5th attempt at piping roses.. lol.

I especially love learning the technique of piping flowers and roses, I have always wondered how people did that! And now I know… (and you will know how to as well if you host a party with Mamma Bake, and I will tell you how at the end of this post). It is actually simpler than it looks!

Mamma Bake prides themselves with using only natural ingredients and teaching us how to make perfect additive free cakes – so they are better for you and your family!

I never would’ve thought I’d be able to create such intricate looking cupcakes, so I really owe the team at Mamma Bake a huge thanks for teaching me very valuable lessons in cupcake decorating, lessons I will always, always use the next time I decide to bake my own cupcakes. Thanks to Mamma Bake, I think I WILL bake a little bit more often now just to show off my new skills!

To host a Mamma Bake class for you and your friends, log on to for all the information you need. Also, don’t forget to Like Mamma Bake on Facebook to see what others have created at their parties!

2 thoughts on “Mamma Bake Cupcake Decorating Class

  1. Oh my Goodness, I’m really impressed, what a beautiful work, those pancakes can be used in many kind of receptions, for gourmet food and parties… I love the one with the pink rose, really amazing!


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