6 Months Later…

Cannot believe 6 months have passed just like that… the past 6 months have been FULL ON. That is quite an understatement really. You just don’t realize what a luxury it was to only have to care for one child until another one comes along. Life is busy, busy and busy ALL the time! Sleep is pretty much a bonus on days when we get lucky. The house is a permanent bomb site. I have been very lucky though, half the time I have had my mum staying with us and helping me with the kids. She was here for 3 months when Silver was born, and recently 3 weeks with my youngest sis. Best 3 weeks I have had this year, lol. We did lots of fun things and I got to go out and feel normal again after a long time of just being a full time mother. They have just gone last weekend, so once again I am left to care for my children all by myself (on weekdays when hubby is at work) and some days are great, some are just so overwhelming….
Good news is – I KNOW I am NOT alone! I know many mums out there are going through the exact same thing as me. The same joys, the same challenges. We all need to stick together and keep encouraging each other and be there for each other when we need to vent. I am so blessed that I have many women in my life I can count on for support, and so thankful.
Anyway, I will write a bit more another night when I have a bit more time. It is almost 10pm and I have JUST finished setting up my own little home office corner away from the clutter in the study… so I have a clear workspace, and it feels good. Also feels good to be back in front on a laptop and typing words! Phones are totally overrated, and is not the same thing. Here’s to more future blogging and sharing! 

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