O.MY Restaurant in Beaconsfield – Fine Dining and Degustation in the Suburbs

Is writing a review on a restaurant a year later a bit too late? Haha… not if I have recently returned to the restaurant just last week and realised it was exactly a year ago that I started drafting this blog post I never got to finish…

Before I get into the content, let me just explain to my readers (if you are still out there) why I have been MIA for a full year. Well, the short version is I went on maternity leave. The long version is, I had my second child, Silver in March 2014 and took 6 months prior to her being born off as a break, and a further 6 months after she was born because I was too busy being a full time mum to do anything else! Now that she is a little bit older and my daily routine is a lot more structured, I can finally re-focus on something other than parenting and what better than to go back to my passion in food! Super excited about blogging regularly again. It doesn’t even matter if no one is reading this, I just needed a creative outlet and this is it!

Back to O.MY….

Who would’ve thought in the little suburb of Beaconsfield, 45 mins away from Melbourne CBD, is a little gem of a restaurant called O.MY. Our friends introduced us to this restaurant a bit more than a year ago after accidentally stumbling across the newly opened place back then. Much to their surprise, the food was of superb high end restaurant quality and the service was great. They didn’t even realise they could enjoy a fine dining experience so close to home… they were driving around looking for a place to eat in their T-shirts and trackies!

So the second time around, they brought us. Our little party of 6 got all dressed up and suited up to celebrate our friend’s birthday and enjoy this wonderful Five Course (now options are available for you to choose either 4-course, 6-course or 8-course) Degustation. The menu changes very frequently, so I won’t even bother describing each dish we had a year ago and each dish we had last week… and just let the photos do the talking.

This little degustation experience includes almost unlimited homemade bread and butter, as well as several snacks and palate cleansers along the way. So, if you count the little exquisite dishes in between, it feels more like a 10-course meal!

The very talented young chefs at O.MY pay a lot of attention to detail when it comes to plating, and they demonstrate a lot of different cooking techniques in their dishes. Every dish is a surprise!

These individual photos above were taken from a year ago when I actually went to the restaurant with a proper camera. The mosaic photo at the very top are all photos combined from our degustation party last weekend. That was taken just on my camera phone. I didn’t know last week that I would make the decision to return to food blogging so I didn’t go prepared with my DSLR!

O.MY truly provides the fine dining experience and exquisite dishes. Personally, it is a “special occasion only” restaurant for me – as we don’t usually spend $100pp (including drinks) when we go out to dinner. We are so lucky that we DO have a decent option like O.MY just 5 minutes down the road though, rather than making the trip out into the city and pay too much for parking and wasting precious babysitter time just driving to the restaurant etc.

Expect excellent service from the boys at O.MY, they will truly impress your date.

Expect exquisite food, although because it IS a degustation the portions are quite small and you may be left wanting a bit more by the end of it if you are used to having a lot more food in terms of quantity. I know last week I wished there were more of that succulent, tender beef cheek! I didn’t feel like I had enough meat, mostly because I am a huge meat eater and quantity is quite important when it comes to my protein. I don’t remember having that quantity problem last year as the servings were far more generous a year ago!

Overall, excellent restaurant. Keep up the great work, guys. I know you have lots and lots of happy customers and amazing reviews. I definitely recommend O.MY to all my friends, it is a wonderful food experience not to be missed especially if you live out in the South Eastern Suburbs. This restaurant is a GEM and needs to continue to be successful so they can stay in business for a long, long time!

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