Ordering Food Delivery Online + $50 Menulog Voucher Giveaway!

As a busy mum with two very young kids, some nights I barely manage to put a decent meal together.  If we have had a busy day and I have either been out most of the day or had other chores to take care of, or had to do some work on the computer while the kids are napping, or even just needed to have a snooze myself in the afternoon just to stay sane, 5.30pm comes along and I realise the baby needs to be breastfed and bathed – and I still haven’t put dinner on. How am I supposed to cook a meal whilst feeding a baby and getting her ready for bedtime? Meanwhile, the toddler is starting to get restless and wants his dinner. Husband is not yet home from work to lend me a hand. What do I do?
Thankfully, thanks to Menulog I have the option of ordering takeaway and have food delivery straight to my doorstep. I have downloaded the Menulog app on my phone, so on those nights while I am stuck feeding my 6 month old baby on the couch, I can browse through the many restaurants in the area and decide what to have for dinner and order my food online. It is so easy and convenient! To be honest, a lifesaver on those crazy hectic days.
If you are not familiar with Menulog, here is how it works:
Go to www.menulog.com.au to get started. If you already have an existing account and have ordered takeaway from the website before, a list of your previous orders would appear on the homepage so you can conveniently and quickly re-order your favorite meals with one click of a button. If you are new, you can start searching for restaurants in the area by entering your postcode.
After entering your postcode, you then have a list of all the restaurants in your area. You can search by a specific cuisine type, or even a dish if you are craving something specific, or by which restaurants that are currently offering a special discount or offer to make the most value out of your money.
If the restaurants are not open yet, you can pre-order your meal and set the delivery time in advance and when the restaurant opens they will send you an email and/or SMS to confirm that they have received your order and confirm what time the food will be delivered.
Once you have selected your restaurant, enjoy browsing through the entire menu by category of food and add your selections to your order by clicking the “+” button next to the price. It is so user friendly, so easy to navigate, the only difficulty is actually choosing what you want! Once you are ready to proceed, click “Place Your Order” and follow all the prompts in regards to payment methods. You can choose to pay online or to pay in cash when food is delivered. Once you have set up your account and all your details, your next orders will be even quicker as all your details would have been prefilled. Too easy!

This particular restaurant is personally one of my favorites on Menulog. They always deliver on time (sometimes even earlier than scheduled!) and the food always arrive hot and fresh, and so delicious.
The quality of food and speed of delivery is entirely dependant on the restaurant establishment and have nothing to do with Menulog – but Menulog definitely serves as a great medium for browsing and ordering conveniently online. 
If you haven’t tried ordering food delivery online before, why not give it go? Thanks to the generous people at Menulog, I have a $50 Menulog voucher to giveaway to one very lucky winner. 
All you have to do:
  1. Leave a comment on this blog post and tell me why you would like to win this voucher (this is the only mandatory step for you to gain 2 points into the draw) but after you comment, you MUST use the Rafflecopter app below and checked “I commented” to secure your entry. Please don’t forget to include your NAME when you comment on this post so I can match your comment to your entry!
  2. Once you have commented on this post and checked “I commented” on the Rafflecopter app – you can optionally submit more entries by following me on Facebook and Twitter and answering a simple poll. All done via the Rafflecopter app below:

Winner will be contacted and announced here after the 6th of October. Good luck!

14 thoughts on “Ordering Food Delivery Online + $50 Menulog Voucher Giveaway!

  1. I've just started recently in a new role that requires an hour of travel to and fro. By the time I get back home, I'm often too tired to prepare a dinner, especially when I'm living alone. This voucher would come in really handy on a night like that.


  2. My wife works full-time and makes a huge effort to prepare home-cooked meals even after a long day. I would love to give her a night off with a menulog voucher to a takeaway of her choice, thanks Kim!


  3. I buy everything online so why not try takeaway food! Would be also great to know what restaurants are in my local area too as I don't get out and about muchJoyC


  4. I'd love to win this to give my mum a night off cooking… and because the Chinese delivery man is the only person my dogs don't bark at at the door (probably because they know he comes bearing complimentary prawn crackers!!!!!!).Thanks for the chance, we love Menulog!


  5. I discovered a amazing food company blog where i got interesting food recipe and advance tips . I love new menu log, thanks good work keep it,We G'DayChef are also provide catering services .We also provide both offline and online for catering In Melbourne. thanks


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