What’s With The Cookbook Obsession?

What is it about cookbooks that makes me go… “mmm.. tempting (to buy)”… ALL. THE. TIME. It’s not like I actually use it to cook at home. It’s not like I actually follow recipes to cook, in fact 95% of the time I wing it and food still turns out pretty tasty. I am not saying I can naturally whip up a 5-star dish without referring to any guidelines on the Internet, but I know what tastes good so I cook what tastes good to me.
So… why do I keep buying these cookbooks??
The more and more I contemplate, the more my reasonings don’t make sense.. but I will share it here anyway, because well, this is my comeback post lol. My comeback post is meant to be me being myself, and light, and non-serious, and hopefully encourages some discussion. So here goes…
  1. I have a crush on the Author aka The Chef – this is particularly true in the case of Curtis Stone. I have always had a massive crush on that Aussie chef… so I collect his cook books. I own all 6 of his published cook books and they are all still in mint condition because I just let it sit pretty on the shelves just like that pretty face on the cover. There you go.
  2. I love swooning and drooling over beautiful food porn – not just in cookbooks but also on Instagram and food blogs. I admire pictures of beautiful looking food, so it kinda makes sense that cookbooks appeal to me, and therefore I pay money for them. Serious case of Want not Need.
  3. Cookbooks are like textbooks – you don’t particularly read them all the time, but when you need to learn something it serves like a useful guide. So occasionally I do read them, to learn a certain technique, to find out roughly what ingredients make a particular dish / even just a sauce, or just some light educational reading for when I am bored.
  4. I love touching them – this one sounds weird… but I love holding a brand new cookbook in my hands. The hard cover, the smooth pages, the gloss, the matte, the textures, the beautiful stationary used to make it… the delicious “new book smell”… it just makes me happy, so I buy.
  5. They look pretty on my shelves.
  6. They make me look like I really know what I am doing (with cooking).
  7. They make a great collection.
  8. They are not particularly expensive. Unless it’s a Jamie Oliver book!
So those are some of my absurd reasons for buying and owning so many cookbooks… do you have the same problem? Do you maybe have another addiction with silly reasons behind it? Please share! I need to know I am not crazy… xoxo.

One thought on “What’s With The Cookbook Obsession?

  1. Cookbooks are an approach to loosen up and move me. I may never take after a formula, yet some extraordinary thoughts have begun with a formula in a book. Cookbooks have become better with more tips and data. The Pictures help to help with plating. For somebody who loves to cook you can't turn out badly with a cookbook as a blessing.


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