It’s All About Branding

Branding is far more than having a company website or a logo, branding is essentially how you would like the public (or more specifically, your target audience) to perceive you.

Whether you want to be recognised as that company that sells value for money goods, or high end quality products, or stylish contemporary designs, or a one-stop shop that is always reliable, or super efficient and quick service but at a premium price, etc… you need to identify your goal identity and work all your marketing efforts towards achieving that public perception.

Your internal marketing team (or an external marketing agency) will work with your management team to help identify your company mission and goals; and implement all the steps necessary towards achieving them. It is marketing’s job to manage the perception of your brand and to change the way people think and feel about your company and in turn, change their buying behaviour.

This can be achieved by:

  • Creating an emotional connection with the consumer. What motivates them?
  • Providing justification for paying a premium price for your service/product. What drives them towards their purchase decision?
  • Creating loyalty to your product or brand name or company. What keeps them coming back?
  • Demonstrating the quality and benefits of your service/product and the company behind it. Testimonials, reviews, encouraging customers to review your business online and to spread the word simply by being awesome.

Acquiring loyal customers is what many successful businesses strive for, and that’s what branding is all about.

Customers always comes first. Give them the experience they would WANT to talk about and let everything else fall into place 😊

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