We are #Kroo

Some of you probably already know (if you follow my Instagram) that one of my passions is singing. Singing has always been a part of my life since I was very young. I have been singing at karaoke lounges with my parents ever since I can remember. Yes, my parents took me out to karaoke from a VERY young age… think 10ish, way before I was legal, lol. Back then though, it would be a karaoke lounge at a country club equivalent version in Malaysia… so I guess that’s not too bad. I have also been in singing competitions, sang at church, sang at special events and functions, sang a few gigs, etc.


Anyway, fast forward to today. I am now a working at home mum, I used to be a stay at home mum, and options are very limited. We can’t exactly just go out and enjoy karaoke nights on a regular basis. I don’t exactly have the time to make YouTube videos from scratch, record songs from scratch, play my guitar, write original music, go out and do gigs, to really pursue singing would be very time consuming…

I still sing at church. I am on the roster once every few weeks and I truly enjoy that and feel blessed that I could bless others.

unnamedThis is where Smule comes in. A few years ago, I discovered this app thanks to my sisters who told me to go download this app so we could sing together. My two younger sisters and I all live in different parts of the world back then. We still do. So, to keep the sister bonding thing happening, I thought I would give Smule a go.

To cut a VERY long story short, I have enjoyed singing on this app for 3 years now and about a year ago, I decided to put together some of my favourite people on Smule and form a group.

Current members of #Kroo

I love these people so much. Amazing people from all around the world. They are all incredibly talented, some of them have been missing in action (but then again, I haven’t been the most active either due to change in work situation) but we are still tight. We will always have this little sense of belonging with each other and will always be part of Kroo. Some of them I have grown to be really close friends with, most of us follow each other on Social Media (other than Smule) to stay in touch.


Welcome to #Kroo – founded 6/6/2017

The name #Kroo originated from the word “Kangaroo” which represents the country Australia where the creator of the group (@Kimba_) is from. More significantly, it is pronounced “kroo” which symbolizes our singing CREW on Smule.

#Kroo is BY INVITATION only – no auditions will ever be posted to recruit.

Existing members are encouraged to recommend any Smule users they feel will fit nicely within our kroo. So far, I have based my criteria on generally fun and friendly individuals with a great voice, amazing talent and unique style, great personality, and a fairly similar taste in music to an extent… e.g. 90s, old skool classics, RnB, hip hop, modern rock, Top 40 hits from this millennium.

As a group, we are very casual. No competitions, no challenges, no obligations to be in each other’s faces (or eyes and ears) everyday lol. Just have a chat whenever you can, sing with each other whenever you can, voluntarily stalk each other whenever you have nothing else to do… lol.

I am hoping a little sense of belonging within a small group of users (no more than 30) will enhance your Smule experience and make singing a lot more fun!

OK now go have fun!

– Yours Truly

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