Angel’s Wings

I wrote a song for my mumma last night.

A bit of background story: This whole song was completed in less than an hour. The lyrics just came to me, and then I went on YouTube to search for a free acoustic instrumental to use as a backing track (because my guitar skills are a bit rusty atm). Usually, this process of finding the perfect backing track takes ages… to match some of the lyrics I have already written. I believe my mum led me to the perfect FIRST one I listened to 🤯 I just knew this was it lol.

And then, as I was fine-tuning the lyrics and melody.. Silver came in as she was struggling to go to sleep. Silver wasn’t part of the original plan. I didn’t plan to include her in this song at all, but as I paused working on the song to go snuggle with her and tuck her back into bed, the last verse came to me and I knew I had to include her. After all, Silver was the last person who actually spoke to my mum the night before she passed.. I remember that night, when we got a random video call at midnight and Silver happened to be in bed with me because she wasn’t feeling well and struggled to sleep. My mum was briefly awake and alert, and spoke to Silver and helped her get back to sleep ❤️ and because of that connection they have, again… it’s like my mum wanted Silver to be part of this song lol.

And as for the recording process.. it was one straight take. I wanted to record the rawness, no frills, no background harmonies. Just me. Even when I messed up towards the end (and thought “why the heck did my voice do that?!) as I choked over the line “and as I hold her (Silver) so tight” because well.. it just happened and I was still emo!! I kinda just pulled myself back together and sang the last two lines without starting over.

So that’s basically it… Thank you, Mum for bringing songwriting back into my life. It was a true outlet for me a long time ago, and I feel so good to be able to express myself like this again. This may just be one of my more personal songs, and not a catchy tune everyone can sing along to.. but if you’re listening and somewhat moved, then I believe my mummy would be proud ❤️

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