Gami Chicken and Beer, Narre Warren

Gami is one of regular go-to now whenever I need a fried chicken fix. This Korean fried chicken restaurant gets the chicken right, the sauces are amazing (I love their mustard sauce!) and the Jap Chae (sweet potato noodles) is incredible. Also love the Cheesy Corn and of course, the irresistably crunchy and tasty Gami Chips.

Gami’s Story:


A friendship for the ages is forged. Two become chefs. Two become business men.


One friend loves chicken so much he opens a restaurant in Carnegie and calls it Gami (Korean translation: ‘beautiful taste’).


Carnegie friend asks friend #2 to help him open a new Gami—but this time, in the city.


Friends #3 and #4 join the family. Their dream? To spread a shared love of Korean fried chicken far and wide.

And now, Gami franchises are located all across VIC, NSW, ACT & WA (Australia). Well deserved success!

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