O.MY Restaurant, Beaconsfield

Let’s set the scene right. This restaurant doesn’t have an ala carte menu you can technically order from. Their seasonal degustation menu changes almost on a daily basis, depending on what fresh produce they currently have available, which they happen to grow passionately on their own from their own farm, and harvested a few times each week. They only source their proteins from local, sustainable suppliers. O.MY literally embraces the true concept of farm to table dining, and they do it exceptionally well.

Closest to furthest: Carrot, Tomato, Caramelised Onion | Beetroot, Beef, Plum | Zucchini and Apple Kimchi, Watermelon | Rock Flathead, Apple, Bay, Dill Seed

O. MY has been operating since 2013 in Beaconsfield Victoria and was opened by the Bertoncello Brothers Blayne, Chayse and Tyson. Their list of awards are extensive and they have made appearances in well renowned food shows such as MasterChef Australia.

Don’t let the price tag of $185pp scare you. Once you realize the amount of thought and effort that goes into each dish, you will realize how well deserved that price is for what you’re getting. I have always been the type of person who would only pay extravagantly for something I wouldn’t do myself at home.. and I definitely won’t go through all the trouble to come up with this entire degustation meal myself!!

The guys here at O.MY (or Ned’s Lounge on weekends, for a casual intimate bar & lounge vibe with drinks and snacks) do an amazing job with their snacks – but in particular, their famous house made sourdough. Paired with their house churned butter or beef fat butter, it is so indulgent!

Sourdough bread, garden salt, house churned butter and beef fat butter

Overall, it was a very special night of fine dining. It’s something I rarely do, especially at that price tag, but if I was ever going to spend that much money on a meal – it will have to be at O.MY. So appreciative of what they do, and the level of attention to detail, love and passion that goes into every dish. The service is also spectacular. The ambience is beautiful and intimate. Also, the night we were there, someone at another table proposed to his partner and she said Yes and the whole restaurant started clapping. I have always felt like that’s something we would only see in movies, so that was really nice.

Beef, Potato, Garlic, Green Tomato accompanied by Soudough Consomme, garden bouquet “teabag”
Honey ice cream, watermelon, cucumber, myrtle

To finish off, we were given these beautifully wrapped house made fruit loaves to take home. Just that one extra added gesture that went the extra mile, and made this whole experience truly epic and classy.

Macaroon flavoured with peach, take home fruit loaves

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