We Don’t Talk Anymore – Cover by KROO

I started a YouTube channel today. No biggie, really. I just have all this music content on Smule and figured, why not share that content on multiple platforms? To kick things off, my first upload was a group video I did recently with my Smule group, KROO.

I started Kroo on the 6/6/2017. The name #Kroo originated from the word “kangaroo” seeing as I am from Australia and all. It also represents “crew” as it sounds when pronounced. It’s just a group of like-minded people, generally people I came across during all my years of singing on the Smule Sing app, with similar tastes in music and a very talented bunch and more importantly, just a fun group of cool, gorgeous people. We have been slack lately, and haven’t collaborated much, but we did manage to throw together a little something just a few weeks ago.. as for the song choice, I just thought it would be fitting, seeing as we hardly ever talk/sing together anymore lol. Nevertheless, we are KROO FOR LIFE! Hehe.

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